Smartphone Vs. Computer - Which one is better to use

Today everyone is using Smartphones and Computers, and you can use all features of computers on smartphones.

But this raises the question of why we use computers if we can do all works on smartphones.

If this line is 100% true, then manufacturing computers will stop, but this does not happen; when you visit any hospital, college, or office, you see they are working on the computer, laptop, or desktop.

Now, this proved some reason or points where a computer is a more convenient option than smartphones.

If you search for a best answer, then you are in the right place. Below, we discuss this topic in more detail, so stick with this article until the end.

Smartphones Vs Computers

What is Computer?

Before we talk about which is best, it is important to understand what is computers, and then only we can consider all important points more fundamentally.

In a more simple language, a computer is an electronic device that can store, arrange, find, calculate your input data, and control another device with the help of a computer.

But this is not the end.

A computer is a work on CPU, Central Processing Unit, where lots of electronics system are arranged in such a way that you can program, store, retrieve, and process data. 

Computers are formed to make our work easy. There was a time when people only store their data on pages. This is a very risky and not safe option. People also suffer from calculating large amounts of data in that time, and then the computer was invented.

Yes, this is like a joke that a computer is developed to save time.

Today computers, laptops, and mobiles are the biggest killer of our time. But this all happens because we are greedy.

Yes, computers are developed to store and calculate and do some programming to create some system that you can store and use. 

Some programmers create a program that you can store in your computer and work on it when you need it like they develop a light. 

When you fill dark, you can use it, after that some other programmers learn a different language and develop another program which is a calendar, and now when you need to mark your date or time, you can do it through your computers.

After that, as our need increases, programmers start developing lots of things; some are most important, some are less important, but they get huge recognition. 

This converts a simple electronic device into a most important electronic device.

But the question is how computers have become so popular and so important.

How does a computer build?

If you want to know how computers are built, then you have to start with some history.

A computer is the starting, and when the journey of a computer starts, we do not ever think that we come to a point where we develop smartphones and robots to make our work easy.

But, in 500BC, Abacus was developed by some Chinese group of people, and this is the first starting of thought that we can make our work easy.

Through this device, you can count, so people use this device to count and sell all these products to people and earn a good amount of profit.

This profit motivates developers to develop more such products.

After that, Napier's Bone, Pascaline, is also developed, but most recognization goes to the Analytical Engine and Difference engine inventor.

In both engines, you can do almost all types of calculations, and our work has become easy, but after that, he also develops a computer, which is a word given by Charles Babbage.

Charles Babbage is known as the father of computer because of both engines and the development of the first computer, means a device where you can use both engines and perform all types of calculation in one device.

But after that, lots of people come, and every intention develop or modify this computer according to their knowledge and develop today's computer.

Today on the computer, you can store your data, play games, send emails, type documents, browse on the web, and create spreadsheets, presentations, excel, photos, and videos.

Ofcourse all these make our work easy, but the number of features today we added to computers are confused us or make us busy so that we ignore the world outside the computer.

When a computer is new, adding more features to a computer is the main motive of developers, but today we have access to features, and earning from those features is the main motive.

So, we can say that this virtual reality is changing our future or actual reality.

What are Smartphones?

Now, this time to look towards smartphones, mobile, phone, smartphone, android device, all is denoting the same device - your favorite mobile phone.

Today when you visit to buy mobiles you get lots of features with lots of different brands.

But do you know how all this starts?

When inventors invent the computer and some small work is done in their computer very easily, a programmer starts coding and makes a system that you can attach with an electronic device and run this system according to your choice in your computer.

This introduces many applications, and the computer is very big, so tough to move from one place to another.

There are lots of work which need to move computer very frequently, then all programmers work very hard and make a device in which you can run all applications or features of computer and easy to move, that device is mobile.

Now, mobile has all computer features, and this is very easy to carry in a very simple way. 

Due to ease to carry and all types of features make mobile one of the most popular devices; in adults, spreadsheet, excel, and programming becomes a reason for attraction. In teens, the games become a reason for attraction.

But android plays the game-changing strategy.

Android is a company which develops a system in which you can run applications, after that they make the process of making application easy enough, in such a way that anyone can make their application and earn money, this is another one of the best things which make this device more popular.

But, why we need to choose computers.

Things which you can do on computer/laptop but not on mobile.

If you want to know why a computer is more important, and with all the computer features, then why mobile can't replace a PC. 

Below you get a small list of some works you can do on PC but can't in mobile.


Yes, you get the option of a spreadsheet on your mobile but working on excel, word, a spreadsheet is very difficult. 

In excel, there is a feature called workbooks, and when you compare those works of computer and mobile, then your eyes become wide.

No, a spreadsheet is not a very powerful application, and neither you need very high ram or storage to work. Still, the screen size and keyboard make the spreadsheet work easy, and that's why working on excel, word, ms suit is easy on a computer compared to mobile.

3D Animation.

Today gaming, videos are one of the biggest career options, and if you want to work on all these options and want to do your work more easily, then mobile is not a good option; you need a laptop or PC. 

3D animation is important if you want to make your career in graphic designing, video editing, creating gaming, and many more fields where you need 3D animation ability, makingmaking your work easy. 

If you also want to make your career with all these options, you need a laptop or PC.

Long-Form Writing.

Content Writing is also an important point, but if you want to make your career in this field, you need to write long-form content that is approximately 3000 to 5000 words, and that much is not possible in mobile. 

If you are very dedicated, you can do this work for one to two days, but after that, you understand that you need a computer to type long-form of articles. 


Coding is actually made for PC, but in your android, you can do coding but only those made from plain text, like - python, html.

But there are many more which you can't do on your android device because the coding running software will not support and in some cases you not get a proper keyboard for coding. 

Professional coders also able to code fast, which you can't do. 

Apart from all that, there are many more fields in which you can't afford to work on any android device or mobile.

But do you know why all these and some other important works are not possible on mobile.

Why Some Works are not possible in Mobile.

Some basic works like photo editing, content writing, and spreadsheet works are difficult because of the small screen and keyboard, but there are many more works that you can't do in your mobile.

Some softwares are heavy so that an android device cannot run them. 

The mobile phone system such as Android is very much like a PC system, but the sprite is different between both system or device. 

Computer RAM, Processor, and system are more powerful than any mobile phone, and this is because computer is made for all these works, but mobile is only made for help in these works.

Yes, mobile can only help computers, not replace computers.

Difference Between Mobile and Computers.

Below you get a small list of features which show that which is better in which field, if you read below then you understand in which field mobile is better and in which field computer is better.

  • In terms of power

For Computer – If you want high performance, then CPU uses a lot of electricity. Some computers use 450 to 850 watts, or more, and that’s why high performance computers use a standard wall plug. 

So, due to constant electricity supply you can use computer according to your need. 

For Smartphone – Smartphones not need a constant source of electricity, in every smartphones you get battery which you can charge and use according to your need.

This shows that smartphones are the better option if you want to work in less power consumption. 

  • In terms of Cost. 

For Computer – Computer is good for almost all types of works, especially for official works and that’s why computers need some high-quality electronic devices and items that are very important. Still, all this make computer and laptops very costly.

For Smartphones - You can use smartphones for all types of works and smartphones not need many expensive items and that’s why you get this device in very less price compared to computer.

So, if your work can complete from mobile, you must try to buy mobiles that are very low in price and give almost all features.

  • In terms of Portability

For Computer – Yes, today you get very lightweight computers and very small designed computers and laptops, which are very important, but computers and laptops do not compete with smartphones.

For Smartphones – Smartphones are lightweight and can fit in a purse or pocket. This is designed in such a way that you can easily take them to travel around the world.

So, if carry or portability is your problem then you must choose smartphones.

  • In terms of Storage.

For Computers - Computers are very important if you want to store a large amount of data, very less price computer also provide approx 500 GB storage and there are some computers which can provide upto 1TB storage space, which is very high.

For Smartphones – Smartphones can never compete with computers in terms of storage, the average storage of smartphones is from 16GB to 128 GB, but this is very less compared to computers.

  • In terms of Softwares.

For Computers – You can use any software in computer, there is no any limitations, you can use any android apk, GBA game, or PC software in your computer or laptop very easily.

For Smartphones – Yes, you can use lots of softwares in your android device and complete lots of works but this is very less in comparision to PC and laptops. 

So, if you want to use lots of softwares for any work, you must choose computers because computers or PCs can use any type of software very easily.

Last Words

If you reach this section, I think you read this article carefully and now you are ready to understand which is best smartphones or computers.

But at the end of this discussion I want to say that both the device are important and that’s why both are running in the market.

Now, which is best for you is depends on your need and what you want. If you are working on a project in which computers or laptops can help you, you must go for that; otherwise, if you think phones are a better option, you can choose.

Above you get some points that show you how computers are best in some factor and how mobiles are best in another factor, only the question is what is your need.

So, if you think this article disscuss all the points regarding smartphones and computers then not forget to share this article and then leave your valuable comment below this article.

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