Will 4G mobiles support 5G - full guide about 5G mobiles.

 If you want to know will 4g mobile support 5g mobile or vice versa then you are in the right place and to know more just stick with this article until the end.

Below we also try to give some guide which gives you some information about 5G mobiles.

What is a 5G network?

A 5G network or a 5th Generation network is a software define network

It means it is a programmatically dynamic network that has improved more and more than older 4G networks. 

In other words, we can say that 5G is an upgraded form of 4th generation network. 

It is being said that the 5G network or 5th generation network is much faster than older 4G networks. 

The network latency in 4G networks is about 43 milliseconds but now in our new 5th generation network this latency has been reduced to 1 millisecond which is very good.

How 5G is different from 1G/2G/3G/4G network?

 As it is clear from its name that 5G is a 5th generation network means it is more advanced than others but that's not enough!

 Our main duty is to explain to you each and everything about the topic for which you are searching.

 This past year we have seen a lot of upgrades in our network. At the first, it was a 1G network which was enabled for calling only which means there was not any network connectivity for internet browsing which was not enough for users.

 Then 2G networks were introduced to us which are not only capable of calling but we can also use them for internet browsing with GPRS and EDGE connectivity.

 But the speed of the 2G network was 40 kbps(kilobytes per second) which was not good enough for internet browsing.

 After a while 3G or 3rd Generation network was launched claiming that it has a fast internet speed, But that was not enough!

 The maximum speed of a 3G network was 3 to 3.5 Mbps(Megabytes per second), which was only enough for internet browsing but not good for downloading and uploading files.

 After that networks were upgraded from 3G to 4G which changed the whole networking world.

 The 4G or 4th Generation networks were very appreciated in the whole world just because the maximum speed of the 4G network was about 100 Mbps(Megabytes per second) making it 20 times faster than 3G networks.

 The 4G networks were fast enough for downloading and uploading as well as streaming. But then after a time 4G also needs to upgrade.

 Recently 5G networks are going to be launched in India claiming 100 times faster than 4G networks which make it different from all other older networks.

 The maximum speed of a 5G network is about 1 to 10 Gbps(gigabytes per second) which is pretty cool.

 Also it has a latency of 1 millisecond where a 4G network has a latency of 43 milliseconds.

 So now if you want to download any of your favorite Hd movies no matter in 1080p or in 2160p you can download it in just 10 to 20 seconds on a 5G network.

 This is the only reason why a 5G network is said to be different from other networks.


Will 4G mobiles support 5G?

 Before moving to our next topic here a big question arises and that is will our 4G Mobile support 5G.

The clear Answer to this question is a big No!

If you have a 4G mobile phone then you cannot access the 5G network but if you have a 5G device then you can access both 4G and 5G.

This is because mobile networks depend on their hardware not on the software. So no matter how much-advanced software your mobile phone has if your device supports only 4G LTE or VOLTE you cannot access 5G.

The only way you can use the 5G network in your 4G device is by Wifi. Yes, you read it correctly, you can use the 5G network on any of your smartphones by Wifi.


Will 5G replace 4G?

Are you think that if 5G networks will be launched then what about our older 4G mobiles,4G networks will continue working with the same speed, or 5G will replace 4G and 4G will be completely disappeared?

So if that happens what should we do with our older 4G smartphones should we crush them?

Wait! There is no need for panic. In this case, the clear answer is No!

 Let I tell you clearly that 5G is not gonna replace the 4G network just because it's speed is faster than 4G then also you can still use your 4G smartphones on 4G LTE network.

 Taking an example from past years, when 3G was launched then also 2G Mobiles was allowed to use their network.

 Similarly, when 4G was launched then also there was no effect on the 3G network so by saying this we can say that after the launch of the 5G network there will be no effect on 4G, means. once can use 4G network without any restrictions.

Does my Phone support 5G?

From the above brief description about 5G network, I think you would be clear now, that you cannot use the 5G network in your 4G smartphone. 

When we think of using a 5G network then the first question that comes in our mind is, does our phone support 5G, if yes then how can we check it? 

Here are some simple steps for Android user by which you can check your device is 5G compatible or not:-

1.    Go to your mobile settings.

2.    Search for the network setting option after that click on mobile networks.

3.    Under mobile network, a list of all networks that support your device will be shown including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

4.    If there is no 5G then sorry your device is not capable of using the 5G network.


Full guide for 5G mobile phone.

Within In the past few years we have seen upgrades not only in networks but also in mobile phones.

When networks upgrade then respectively more and more devices and smartphones are manufactured based on the network.

Recently companies like OnePlus, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, etc have launched many more mobiles which support 5G networks. We have a list of some of them.


1.    OnePlus Nord 5G


Price: Rs.29,999/- INR


2.    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G


Price: Rs.77,999/- INR


3.    Motorola Moto G 5G


Price: Rs.19,999/- INR


Last Words

 Hope we were able to clear all your confusions regarding 5G networks and its features.

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